As a business owner in the United Kingdom, there are many tasks and responsibilities to complete in order to make your company successful and to keep it up and running for a long time. One essential element to doing this is obtaining public liability insurance. What Is Public Liability Insurance? Public liability insurance provides coverage for a claim of personal injury or property damage made by a member of the public against your business. Do I Need Public Liability Insurance Coverage for My Business? If any member of the public visits your business premises or if you do any work for someone on their premises, your business will need to be covered under public liability insurance. Why Is Public Liability Insurance Coverage so Important? No matter how hard a business owner tries, an accident can still happen. When it does, there is always the potential for a lawsuit to be made against the business. It is always possible that an individual could become injured or something could damage or destroy his or her personal belongings on your premises and hold your business responsible. An example of this might be if a person slipped and fell in your store. You can also be held accountable if you or a representative of your company injuries another party or damages property while conducting business at a location other than the actual business address. In the event that you were found negligent in a lawsuit brought on by a member of the public, this type of insurance would compensate for any lost wages, pain and suffering, and/or any other damages awarded to the injured party. In addition, any legal fees related to the lawsuit may be covered. If you do not have public liability insurance, the court could liquidate everything pertaining to your business to pay the judgment issued against you. This might include assets in the bank, company vehicles, inventory, properties, or anything else of value that relates to your business. How Much Public Liability Coverage Does My Business Need? Although there is not a set amount that would apply to every business located in the United Kingdom, the coverage amount should cover the complete asset base of your business. This is everything that belongs to company, whether in the form of capital or property. With some lawsuits today reaching astronomical portions, you will want to make sure that your United Kingdom business is protected through public liability insurance. Call your agent today to make sure that your business is completely covered.